Fuse Boards, less commonly known as consumer units. Pricing starts at £320* Does your Fuse board need upgrading? Well, I know your thinking, “Well It Works, so, No!” but there are many things to take into account when considering an upgrade. There are some rather important changes that happened over the years to improve both the efficiency, and overall safety of yourself and your electrical circuits. The biggest difference has been the introduction of RCD’s for additional safety**. Unless fully qualified, please don’t attempt to upgrade your fuse box yourself or have a rouge trader do it for you, trust me, it’s just not worth the proposed risks or your families safety.

It has no RCD Protection installed creating a fire or shock risk**

Fuse Wire – Some of the much older fuse boards are only protected by fuse wire, which is slow to burn out. Is a hassle to replace in the dark, and has the vey dangerous potential of the wrong rated fuse wire to be installed. This will leave your circuits not being rated correctly severely increasing risk of fire and or shock.

Age – Just because its been there a while doesn’t mean its a good thing, over age, the terminations heat up and cool down through normal daily use, this can in turn cause these terminations to become loose, which can result in a fire hazard.

I’m not meaning to scare anyone, but it’s my job to make you aware of the risks, and show you what options are available.

One solution depending on your installation is to put an Overall inline RCD in before your fuse board, this will greatly increase your safety, however, the only downside to this option is that in event of fault, you will loose all power to every circuit until the fault is found and repaired.

The second solution is to upgrade your Fuse Board. Prosafe Electrical will remove your old fuse board and install a new 17th Edition consumer unit with dual RCD operation, this allows for discrimination between circuits, meaning if you have a fault, you will not be with total loss of power.

Pricing starts at £320*

*Offer price dependant on your installation having satisfactory earth bonding to your main water / gas services where applicable, please call to discuss if you are unsure, or would like a free, no obligation quote to have these works done.

**An RCD is an earth leakage device that cuts power in event of fire / electrical shock risk.

George at Prosafe Electrical is always happy to help in times of need. He is a professional and trustworthy individual, who provides an outstanding service for a reasonable price. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to others, many friends and family members have also used his services and been very satisfied!Andrew N, Ryde Isle of Wight